Saturday, December 24, 2011

Is this the life of an entrepreneur?

This is not the most weird Christmas eve I've ever had. But today is memorable cause I've spent time with something I love Wasamundi . Around such a time last year, I can recall I was rolling on my bed with high fever after I left my favorite uncle and Mentor (Madiba) Molua at a Dinner party on Invitation. I'm almost in tears each time I think how such days used to be before I became an entrepreneur.
I hope to spend sometime with my girl friend today. Hope that helps :)

I was programming how users shall be rewarded at the end of the year: Xmas and New year package from Wasamundi. I think I'm done and I'm rolling it out in under 30mins. The code will give a user wasamundi credit. But 2 users may not have the same amount of credit. The max a user can have is 10 and the min is 5. I've had fun today cos I did some cool javascript stuff too :).
Thanking speckyboy for the wallpaper. it's meant for desktop but I've using it for web :). .

Grab your package here:  Xmas and New year package from Wasamundi

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