Sunday, February 12, 2012

Death should be our teacher - Teach us how to Live

The news of  Whitney Houston's dead this morning is a reminder of a blog post I was suppose to to publish.
In all my life I dodged from looking at corpses or even try to think while I went to or was brought near some one who is lying waiting  to be buried.
Well this fear had old founding, basically because:
  1. as I child I was told when you see a corpse you shall see the dead person while you sleep and walk at night.-- these were all childhood fears.
  2. The fear of dead, no matter how hard I try to pretend. 

Then last December, someone died whom I knew so I said to my self, this is the time for me to get close to the dead; as if I had a choice.
While at the mortuary, I experienced first hand dead bodies. While people where standing, passing here and there, doing this and that. I stood still only thinking: "how did this people live and now they are dead just like that". Seeing how the body was motionless, how the skin has deteriorated, how the person who had breathe could breathe no more.
This is not a new question for me but because I came close to dead bodies the question became part of me, part of my thinking as a whole.
Naturally every living being should be afraid to die.
My experience in coming close to the dead only reminded me of the life lessons, of how useless you become and lose form once you die.
Of how precious you  should treat life and Live.
The greatest love of all: “To love others you must first love yourself.”
Then I recall my Love and Life teacher: Leo Buscalgia - 1924-1998.

“It's not enough to have lived. We should be determined to live for something. May I suggest that it be creating joy for others, sharing what we have for the betterment of personkind, bringing hope to the lost and love to the lonely.” --Leo F. Buscaglia
Quotes from Leo .
In one of and the best of his works I've read, he lays emphasis
"Death should be our teacher" - to teach us how to live.
Living to me is:
  • making others happy, 
  • that there should be no tear,
  • no suffering
  • that there should be love. 
But life is difficult;
  • trying to make ends meet, 
  • trying to leave a legacy, trying to live and love not only you but love others as much as you love you; 
  • trying not to be sad,
  • trying not to compete with others but with yourself no matter how they force you,
  • trying to be happy always and make others happy, 
  • trying to achieve a dream even when every one but you see it,  
  • trying not to be afraid
  • trying to focus and not get distracted
  • Trying to avoid pain, hate and hurt, 
  • Surviving is though even if you have all things
  • Trying and trying until you reach a point where you no longer have to try.

And in the end, all this trying to live ends in Death. So that when you have achieved all what you call life, when you have achieved what you were living for, when you have achieved the why of creation and existence, then you should be proud of death as you are to be of rest after a long working day.

Lord teach me how to live in such a manner that I will not fear death, even when I see it.

Whitney Houston in Pictures

I Will Always Love You

I had a premonition yesterday. I told Quincy and some friends I was hanging out with that: "Someone I know or Someone connected to me is about to die". Well, I'm not sure it was about this death, except part of me was actually deep rooted in the singer's songs of which I did pay less attention to this connection till now?!. This morning getting up at 7:00am I learn from It's Quincy and Facebook that the Legendary singer Whitney Houston is dead, today 12th, February, 2012 at 3:00am at 48.

Remember One of my life decisions this year is to take a shock without expressing it in sadness emoticon. I should have made a sadness emoticon blog post for her death.
I will remember you for:
  1. The lives you touched.
  2. The light you put in people even when you were stumbling into darkness.
  3. For the courage you instill in me and as I grew up to understood the greatest love of all.
  4. I learning first from you that there is Greatness in Every being.
  5. For your beautiful and peaceful voice, very great energy.
  6. For the song that touch me more as I grew up as a child, till moment and forever:
  7. For the song I heard more by you played by those around me:

Thank you for the life you lived: I Will Always Love You! R.I.P.