Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New year resolution

I always thought new year's resolutions are clearly pointless.

Simply because I end up losing vision of the resolution somewhere along the line or I get stuck in a thinking because of a certain resolution. After assessing the long list of resolutions for last year, I noticed that I had more than 55% of success. I was shocked.
I was making new year resolutions and this is part of my list . I just uplifted and I hope I can write mine in the Open diary :). Matt Might new year resolutions:

  • Read at least 12 hardback books from Cover to back - including novels.
  • Get closer and comit to God - read my bible often and attend fellowship more.
  • Do exercise often and learn a new sport.
  • Learn a new Computer programming language.
  • Keep to time more. Be a better time manager. Don't be late.
  • Act nicer to people I don't like, act nicer to the people I do like.
  • Watch more movies that make more meaning. Watch more family movies. The movies do not need to be a list movies.
  • Don't write the :( this year :)

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