Thursday, January 12, 2012

Who broke the replay button in 2011

I did not listen to music this year as I used to between 2006 -2010.
I compiled a list of the songs I played more this year, not necessarily songs made this year.
I had to do this list before the 1st but has been putting it off. Thanks to the groupI did it today :). 
In any other,  Enjoy!



Someone asked me: "How many hearts Adele has, because she always sings about broken heart" . I could not answer. May be some people are blessed with many hearts :).

People who slightly missed the above list:

Favorite Band I knew this year goes to :
The perishers.
Writing this post and still trying to break the replay button for Augustana :)


  1. I DEFINITELY agree with u on the tracks by Christina Perri, Coldplay, Thirteen senses and Pink & John legend... still to listen 2 a couple of others.

  2. Ah you've been missing good things :).