Monday, December 26, 2011

60 Seconds

It's almost end of year and I pay attention to wonders that shall never end :).


60 Seconds - Things That Happen Every Sixty Seconds

Infographic by- Web Design Company

Did you know that these things happen within 60 seconds?
710 computers are sold worldwide and 555 of these computers are sold with Intel processors
1,820 TB of data is created; that’s enough data to fill up 2.6 million CDs
232 computers around the world get infected by malware
450 Windows 7 Cds are sold worldwide
925 iPhone 4s and 85 iPads are sold worldwide
11 Xbox 360 consoles are sold worldwide
18 Amazon's Kindle Fire are sold worldwide
38 tons E-waste is generated worldwide
4,000 USB devices are sold worldwide
2,500 ink cartridges are sold worldwide
2,100 checkins happen on location-based social networking website foursquare
$75,000 is added to Google's revenue
2 Million Internet users watch Porn Online
1.1 million conversations take place via instant messengers
103 Blackberries are sold worldwide
1,100 acres of land farmed in Farmville application
PayPal processes transactions worth $219,000; out of these, $10,000 is transacted via PayPal mobile
Around 950 purchases are done on eBay, out of which 180 purchases are done using eBay Mobile
12 websites get hacked and 416 attempts are made to compromise various Facebook accounts
1,400 movie discs are rented from the online movie rental service Redbox

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