Sunday, December 25, 2011

Algorithms that make your heart beat: IT WORKS!

What is better than Algorithms that work and gives you real joy.
I was about to send Christmas message to My family members with Wasamundi's service WasaTEXTO, such that I had to use Wasasheet which is programmed in this service. Particulay I have never used it for real things except testing. So I filled my sheet , created my group and was adding my group id. Once I was done, I decided to upload.
Serioulsy at this point, my heart was beating. Then I did it and It:::

                                                                         IT WORKS!!! 

Wasasheet is your contacts on a spread sheet. which you can upload directly to your contacts online, but first you must create the group to place them in so that u have to fill the sheet names with corresponding group ids.
You can keep filling forever the codes update your contact book for you.

I was amazed because I was part of the team that programmed this and I've never tested with my own contacts and it just works like magic. Anyway hope the users enjoy the feature and hopefully the team shall produce videos to help them.

Merry Christmas again!! My neighbors are already spoiling me before I visit my family in Limbe.

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