Thursday, September 26, 2013

Piece 2: Thoughts on Einstein's Dreams

16 APRIL 1905.
"In this world, time is like a flow of water, occasionally displaced by a bit of debris, a passing breeze. Now and then, some cosmic disturbance will cause a rivulet of time to turn away from the mainstream, to make connection backstream. When this happens, birds, soil, people caught in the branching tributary find themselves suddenly carried to the past."

We can be swept to the past. Infact we are swept to the past from time to time.
A man witnesses or is caught in the fall of the economy in 1929.

The same man witnesses or is caught in the fall of the economy in 2008.

A young history student witnesses or was caught in the gassing of citizens by Saddam Hussein in 1988.
Today the young student is a professor of History, and witnesses or was caught in the gassing of Syrian citizens by their leader.

An astronomer waited for the solar eclipse of 2012.
The same astronomer 1year later experiences the solar eclipse.

Because we are in a world in which time is a like a flow of water, with a possibility of being swept backstream and making connection, in which each backstream represents the “repetition of history”.

Each backstream can represent moments spent day dreaming about our first kiss.
Recalling about the day we saw the most beautiful girl.
Each backstream which takes us to the past represent a slip in memory, were we try to experience the past or events of the past.

In experiencing this past, nature takes care of paradoxes, such that things of the future take precedence to things of the past. E.g.

Consider, you make a jump to such past, because you where caught in a rivulet of water flow sweeping you back to a distant past.
You come just before your mother and father met.
You introduce a distortion such that the two never get to be together, hence, you where never born!.
I think that, nature acts such that, this cannot occur. That is why in each leap to the past, we can only observe, we can only experience, we can only witness, liken to a memory.

Like waiting till history repeats itself and we say “history has repeated it self”.
We cannot interfere with the past, we can only experience it as it unfolds.
I think in our world, time is a flow of water….
where when we move backstream because may be swept by breeze blowing in an opposite direction; we would experience the past but only as an observer. We can’t interfere or distort it, even if we try. end.

Extra thoughts:
Our stream of time could be caught in a whirlpool. If this happens, we say time flies.
We find ourselves doing the same things, year in year out and time always flies.
Sometimes we experience this. If this happens to you, then one may  think you must have been trapped in a whirlpool. 

You can stay there, get yourself out or call for help.

Further, what happens when the stream of water is swept to a distant future, i.e swept forward? I leave that to later or your imagination.

Disclaimer: Apart from the quotes from the book which I use in attempt to draw similarities from our world and day to day activities. Every other thought is mine and can be wrong, it's subject to discussion and investigation, needs mathematical proof.

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