Friday, January 4, 2013

Who broke the replay button in 2012

2012 went too soon.
In 2011 I published who broke the replay button in 2011 ( basically about the songs I played and appreciated the most).

So this is the compilation of songs I played more last year. I could not arrange which is supposed to come first, lets say in any other of equal importance.

         1. Band of Horses - Funeral ( Not a very pretty video, but great music )


                                2. Metric - Help I'm Alive


                                 3. The Naked and Famous - Young Blood

                                  4. Spencer & Antfood - Trek

                                                                                    5. Sum 41 - With Me

                                                                              6. Birdy - Skinny Love

                                                                              7. Metric - Ending Start

                                                                              8. Miike Snow - God Help this Divorce

                                                                            9. Video Games - Lana Del Rey

                                                                              10. Great Northern - Houses

My love for adverts caused me to find this Song today. From the Nissan Leap advert

 Favourite song for last year Funeral - Band of Horses. I can recall in one of these instances I found my self playing this song from my iPod in a Funeral, that was how addictive the song was. I'm also planing to do a cover for Miike's snow Black tin box featuring Lykke Lee :)

Happy New year!

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