Friday, June 15, 2012

How my typical weekend may look like - ( when I want to have space)

I usually have days like any other human.
At the end of the previous day or the start of the new day,  I do a program to guide my day, this is what I have today, this is an open diary ;)
I wish to have space. [start by stating what I wish. it's usually how I feel than thought.]

  • Finish client work:  7-10am
  • Attend project planing meeting: 10am
  • Return home to do Laundry and cleaning up...12-3:00pm visit book store 4pm-5pm.
  • Drink Milk shake / cappuccino [alone]
    Return home... Read...7pm-9:30pm
  • Go for prophetic night  9:30pm-6am.
  • -sleep()

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