Sunday, November 21, 2010

My dream of One African One Computer; delivering technology to Cameroon.

As the story goes, On Saturday November 13, Possibilities Without Borders held its third annual silent auction and gala event on the College of Charleston’s campus.  The event was in conjunction with Technology for Africa, whose goal was to raise $20,000 to be put toward a humanitarian Spring Break trip to Cameroon.

Four students and one professor  where chosen to make the trip.
The students must raise a minimum of $60,000 by March in order to purchase computers, smart boards, and other technological equipment they will be installing during their stay in Cameroon.

The journey of students of Charleston is not the first to Cameroon.
In March 2009, seven College of Charleston SIFE( Students in Free Enterprise ) students, a faculty advisor and one board member, traveled to Cameroon to set up three computer labs and teach entrepreneurship after successfully raising over $68,000 for the project.
This particular one will be of greater weight.
One source is quoted to have said this journey shall not only be a privilege to travel abroad, but being able to change the lives of countless youths is an even greater one.That   this is a unique experience that will change the lives of everyone involved.

Foumban has been chosen as the area of interest.

I hail this initiative as it comes along to support my dream of One African One Computer.
An Africa, with computers twice the number of phones presently in the continent.
Time will tell,I know, time will tell.

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